On 11.02.2013 16:49, Dominic Evans wrote:
On 10 February 2013 21:28, Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> wrote:
On 10.02.2013 21:01, Lars Hanisch wrote:
   Found some weird file in the tarball: menu.cyVkmHd

Thanks, will be removed in the next version.

If we are polishing stuff like this for 2.0, there are two small bugs
in the permissions in the .tar:

1) vdr-1.7.37/po/sr_SR.po is -rw------- rather than -rw-r--r--

2) all the files have a named owner/group kls/users - ideally the tar
should be created with `tar -c --owner=root --group=root
--numeric-owner` to clear these and set the owner group as 0/0.
Currently if you unpack the tar as root, you end up with files owned
by an unknown user with userid 500.

Thanks. Both fixed for the next version.


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