I think it touches some bigger problem - the need of scanning.
I don't like scan and I doesn't see any need to do it myself on dvb-s (dvb-t works ok). Scanning is full of problems. There aren't unified version of (x)zap (I use command line only). Quality of scan is different on different cards and takes time. You need fresh transponder list or you ends up with incomplete channel list. Channel names are often silly and doesn't match real names. Your channels aren't grouped in any usable way (channels you pay are often from multiple providers). You often need to look for proper channel (there are dosen of Disney channels for example). Channels are randomly sorted so you need to manually sort it. You ends up with ton of useless channels like "arabic sex" and you need to dig channels you need. What I would like to have is scraper for KingOfSat which is probably most up-to-date sat channels database. I would prefer to filter this database by provider, sat name etc and produce channels.conf based on it. There would be need to keep some preferences, like list of FTA channels, sorting etc but that way making fresh channels.conf would be fast, easy, and productive.

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