On 15.02.2013 00:49, Bernard Jaulin wrote:
Hi Klaus,

The very last po file, with Peter Müster fixes and *Setup.LNB$own* translation.

Sorry, your file appears to be UTF-8, while the fr_FR.po I have is ISO-8859-15.
If you want to switch to UTF-8, you will need to also set the "Content-Type"

At this time the version I will be using is the one posted by Peter Münster.


2013/2/13 Marc <v...@ekass.net <mailto:v...@ekass.net>>

    On 13/02/2013 17:36, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

        On 13.02.2013 16:36, Bernard Jaulin wrote:

            Hi Klaus,

            If possible, here is the last french po file (and diff) according 
with a part of french community.

        Could you please take care of this one, too?

        msgid "Setup.LNB$own"
        msgstr ""

        It is used for "device bonding" and means that this device has its own
        satellite cable that is not shared with any other device.


    Hi Bernard,

    I found an old account for the forum but it has been deactivated when I 
tried to update my profile. Could you watch your framapad, I put there a 
possible translation for own as well as some corrections.



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