On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 2:50 PM, Gerald Dachs <v...@dachsweb.de> wrote:
>>>> If you want the highest quality deinterlacing on 1080i, a GT220 is
>>>> required.
>>> A GT610 is good enough, costs only the half and it is much easier to cool
>>> it
>>> quietly.
>> I've read the opposite -- that the GT610 struggle with 1080i highest
>> deinterlacing.
> I don't have to read about it, I own one. I know it better.

First, reading & doing research is a good thing so calm down. You
claim you "know it better", but you don't even agree with other GT610
owners apparently.

> And I am not the only one that thinks like this. It is common sense in the
> vdr-portal.de that the GT610 is good enough for temporal-spatial.

That's interesting. A whole lot of other users and a couple mplayer
devs think otherwise. Also, common sense has nothing to do with
anything. You haven't even shown an awareness that the GT610 comes
with either 64bit and 128bit ram, which is known to make a difference.
Or, that not all cards are created equal for that matter.

My opinion is that you don't seem to know as much as you think. That
being said, I don't recommend the OP take anyone one persons word for
it. Rather, he should do exactly as I have done which is read, read,
read. In the end he'll likely have a good idea about what _exactly_ to
buy in regards to specs for the best results. You can think the buck
stops with what you say all you like but surely you're not silly
enough to suggest people _shouldn't_ do their homework, and that
reading is a waste.

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