On 16.02.2013 16:46, Juergen Lock wrote:

  Now that I have a spare DVB-S2 tuner (TechniSat SkyStar USB HD
(adapter2); the others on this box are atm Hauppauge Nova-TD model
1172 (adapter 0+1) and TechnoTrend S2-3600 (adapter3) - all USB) I
decided to play with vdr device bonding.  I discovered three things:
(still using vdr 1.7.29, I know I should upgrade... :)

1. The LNB setup OSD menu causes bonding to fail (it's trying to
    bond a DVB-T tuner) if I set the two DVB-S2 tuners as "connected
    to sat cable 1"; it works with "sat cable 2".  Maybe it somehow
    thinks of (one of?) the DVB-T tuner(s) as cable 1 too?

What does the "Setup/LNB" menu look like on your system?
Does it list only the two DVB-S devices, or all four of them?
Which device numbers does it display?

What does the "DeviceBondings = ..." line in setup.conf look like
in both cases (working/not working)?

You wrote that your DVB-S2 device is "adapter2". Does this mean it
is actually "adaper2/frontend0" and "adapter2/frontend1"?

Have you appliead any patches to VDR?
If so, what happens without them?
Same for plugins.


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