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So what you're trying to do is to "bond" the two devices in a way that
only takes into account the antenna position.
Maybe you could achieve this by changing cDvbTuner::GetBondingParams() in a way 
extracts the positioning part from the DiSEqC commands and returns just that.
Then, with bonded devices, it should use only one of them for positioning,
and both will only tune to transponders from that position.


yes that seems the easiest way. I think it's enough to just return the position, like 
"S1.0W".. With GotoXX patch, the positioning DiSEqC code is actually just "G" 
for each satellite, so there is no difference to be found there! Also the tone/range checks need to 
be removed from SetFrontend.

This is easy to do as a "hack" but much more tricky to have some clean solution 
that would allow old behaviour as well..

The GotoXX patch itself is very clean and easily completely disabled with the 
setup switch. While Klaus is listening, perhaps you could consider including 

I'll take another look at it after version 2.0.


 GotoXX essentially replaces all Rotor and RotorNG plugins, and is very easy to 
setup because it can automatically tune all satellites
without any configuring.

It can be found from: http://patchwork.linuxtv.org/patch/12911/

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