Anyone know if there has been some work done lately on a port of vdr to the 
mipsel STB platform e.g. the Vu+ boxes.

There are some reference in the mailing list from Alez and Franz Ks in may 2011 
in the following thread.<>

I have gotten to about the same point as Alez of having vdr running with the 
vompserver plugin and are able to view freeview channels on both hauppauge mvp 
and raspberry pi clients.
Franz Ks. however claimed in the thread to have osd and video/audio on his Vu+ 
using a slightly modified dvbufs9xx plugin. Information is very scarce however 
and I cannot find any information about how this was achieved.

The Vu+ Ultimo is a very capable box that equipped with an extra dual dub-s2 
card would be a nice silent, energy efficient and price worthy backend (less 
than 500€) with four tuners capable of recording/streaming 6 channels 

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