Would it be possible to somewhat generate nfo file automatically with each recording? I know vdrnfofs which do it on-the-fly and I imagine such file could be generated automatically (optionally) with each recording. It seems very easy, because such nfo contains only title and plot. The idea after it is that vdrnfofs doesn't allow editing of nfo, while such nfo generated automatically by VDR could be freely editable. And also it would be possible to download fanart etc to recording directory. I know VNSI and that it works well with XBMC (allows for quite good scraping) but I would prefer offline metadata. There are times when I work on VDR switching it off and then recordings are unavailable for XBMC. If hardware brokes - VDR even doesn't start complaining for lack of hardware. And I can't fine tune my nfo file when scraper do something ot fully or wrong.
Maybe it's idea for new plugin?

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