Am 27.02.2013 11:56, schrieb Peter Münster:
> Support for seeing the VDR osd over mplayer doesn't exist yet.
> Who could add this feature please? And what would be the price?

Basically, the OSD-over-mplayer does work for dvbsddevice and other
devices that mplayer supports. Also, there was already an attempt to get
mplayer plugin working for TT6400/dvbhddevice cards, but it got stuck a
long time ago:

One thing the thread has is a generic solution for the need to mix OSD
and video stream: There's a modified version of mplayer plugin that
moves this part where it belongs, back into VDR. Instead of VDR closing
the video device for mplayer while keeping the OSD open, VDR takes over
a stream from mplayer and forwards it to the proper output device,
whichever that is. Problem however is that the old stream output feature
of mplayer is suffering from bit rot, and isn't working very well. Plus,
the TT6400 didn't like the mplayer encoded stream.



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