On 04.03.2013 10:03, André Weidemann wrote:
Hi Klaus,

On 03.03.2013 14:46, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

- When sorting recordings by name, folders are now always at the top of
the list.

I installed 1.7.39 last night and the new sorting is what bugs me most. Would 
it be possible to introduce an option for the sorting order under settings in 
the menu? I prefer the sorting the way it was, because with the new method, a 
folder and a recording with the same name are not next to each
other anymore. If you take the burn plugin e.g. I think it is rater painful if you try to 
archive those "scattered" recordings.

OK, I'll add a parameter to setup.conf. I've already suggested this here


However, this won't show up in the Setup menu of version 2.0.0, because it's 
too late for
introducing another i18n text (most of the *.po files are already complete).


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