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> Hello!
>> Well, I really would like to have the fact that it's about *sorting*
>> in that name. "Show" could be anything...


> "Always sort folders first" means your first doing a sorting on the folders,
> than on the rest (films) - but it does not state what you're doing with the
> two(!) results.

Sorting by folders first means the folders are places and the
front/top of the list.

> "Always show folders first" means the folders are on top (I would expect
> them to be sorted somehow) and then the films, what I think the option
> is about.

Like Klaus said, "show" can mean a number of things.

> So this is my +1 to Wolfgang.

This is my -1 to Wolfgang.

Let's keep in mind we're talking about _sort ordering_ here. There's
no good reason for back & forth about it. There's no benefit to making
it harder than it needs to be either. If the option is really that
confusing to the user he should just leave it alone and be accustomed
to whatever the default behavior is.

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