On 06.03.2013 08:45, Petri Hintukainen wrote:
On ke, 2013-03-06 at 00:09 +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 05.03.2013 23:59, Peter Münster wrote:

Some keys do not work with the mplayer plugin:
kAudio, kSubtitles, kInfo and perhaps more.

How could I use these keys please in the cMPlayerControl::ProcessKey()

These keys are handled in VDR's main loop and are not conveyed to
any plugin.

If you want to use the track controls, you can make your player
call cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->ClrAvailableTracks() and
cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->SetAvailableTrack() accordingly.

Not so easy... If player feeds mpeg-ts stream to the device, track maps
are rewritten by cPatPmtParser. Also selected track is reset.

This is problematic with BluRay player: languages are not given in PMT
but metadata. There can be extra tracks in PMT when the same mpeg-ts
clip is used in multiple titles. One title can use original audio tracks
while another uses commentary tracks etc.
Also user-selected language (from BluRay menus) is overridden by VDR
when first PMT is parsed.

Well, first of all, VDR is not a BlueRay player ;-)
It is meant for recording and replaying DVB broadcasts.

However, you can, of course, modify the PMT packets in a way that works
for your application. VDR provides both cPatPmtParser and cPatPmtGenerator
classes that might help with this.


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