It has been far too long since the last ttxtsubs release, so I thought
it's time for a new one.

A million thanks to all contributors:

Ville Skyttä, Jussi Tepponen, Matti Horila, Dimitri Petrovski

(Please let me know, if I missed someone here..)

The changes:

* Removed obsolete (unused since 0.2.0) setup options: DVB Source
  Selection, Live Delay, Record Subtitles, and old workaround for
  French channels
* Added hard-coded workaround for french channels where page numbes
  850-859 must be mapped to 880-889 (Thx to Jussi Tepponen)
* Some code refactorings
* Adapt to VDR 1.7.26 API changes.
* Updated patch for VDR 1.7.38
* Sync subtitles using PTS (Thx to Matti Horila and Dimitar Petrovski)
* Added option for setting the left/center/right justification of
  subtitles (Thx to Jussi Tepponen)
- Enable teletext subtitles in VDR patch by default

As always: Any help is welcome!

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