The release of VDR version 2.0.0 is imminent, but there are still
several untranslated internationalized texts.

This is the final call for translations for version 2.0.0.
Please don't rely on the original translators to complete these
files, some of them may not have time or are no longer interested
in VDR. So I would appreciate if anybody who speaks one of these
languages could please find the time to translate these texts.

Here's a list of the language files that still need some work,
together with the number of untranslated texts in each of them:

da_DK.po: 134
el_GR.po: 197
hr_HR.po: 134
hu_HU.po: 1
lt_LT.po: 1
nn_NO.po: 262
pl_PL.po: 1
pt_PT.po: 28
ru_RU.po: 1
sl_SI.po: 1
sr_SR.po: 80
tr_TR.po: 134

Please base your work on the latest version of these files in VDR 1.7.40
and send me proper patches (or the complete *.po file).


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