On 11.03.2013 09:12, C.Scheeder wrote:
Am 11.03.2013 08:04, schrieb Manfred Schmidt-Voigt:

just want to ask, if everything is ok with the VDR list or if there is
some Spam Filtering going on
to filter out important anouncements. I did not receive the last
"official" anounctments from Klaus
about 1.7.39 and 1.7.40 via this list. I only saw it in VDR-Portal.
But I've get the replies for
these anouncements on this list.

Strange or well known?


the filter probably is on your side,
i got these anouncements over the list.

Thank for the answers. I just doublechecked my spamfilters. I found out, that the Anouncement mail will be filtered by my "Penis" filter. Should normaly drop everything with penis enlargement (not neseccary for me), but I have also included some other "bad" words around that subject/object. I will analyze it for future mails again. I moved those mails now to my SPAM folder without deleting them.

thanks again and greets from the snow

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