Am 17.03.2013 09:51, schrieb Lars Hanisch:
> Am 17.03.2013 09:20, schrieb Halim Sahin:
>> vdr doesn't copy plugins to PLUGINS/lib.
>> Is there a way to get the old behaviour back?
>  I think "make LCLBLD=1" should do it.

Mostly, but YMMV. Some plugins may not support it.

>From my builds yesterday, the most recent xineliboutput Makefile seems
stuck between the versions, not copying 'the old way' to
../../../PLUGINS/lib any more, and not adhering 'the new way' LCLBLD
request to do it.

Also, in case ./PLUGINS/lib is not the final destination, you'll loose
the ability to set default search paths for all the libs, so you have to
specify them on command line. The alternative, doing an "make install
DESTDIR=/tmp/foo/" and picking files from there may fail because of too
many broken plugin Makefiles. (at least the last time I've tried)



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