On 21.03.2013 20:48, Sebastian Frei wrote:
Hi all,

I made a tiny patch to extend the SVDRP VOLU command.

There will be no more changes for version 2.0.
I'll look at this again after that.

Up until now VDR only had an option to _toggle_ the current audio muted status,
but no options to force the audio muted status on or off. I want to mute the
audio via SVDRP and unmute it again later.

My usecase: I'm running mpd on the same host as VDR, if I start playing music
with mpd from my tablet I can mute VDR automatically with a shell script and
unmute it again after stopping the music.
Using the (already implemented) VOLU 0 command also mutes the audio, but the
previous audio volume gets lost, so you cannot unmute audio again and return to
the previous volume.

You could query the current volume level with a plain VOLU command, store that
value and use it later.


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