recently I started to give some maintenance to a plugin [1] which seemed
to be orphaned for a while and needed by several, as I knew from the
German VDR-Portal, subscribers of Sky Germany. The plugin was called
Arghdirector, it is a fork of an even older one, called "director",
possibly because of the marketing name used by Sky Germany and former
Premiere for their NVOD feeds at that time.
Nowadays they call this "Sky select", so that's for now the new name of
the plugin. We even had some discussion on vdr-portal on the new name,
someone even suggested NVOD [2], others emphasized this would be only
usable to german Sky subscribers, and I only recently found out that
NVOD is actually established terminology [3].
Just by chance, I discovered that the plugin actually also triggers on
several of the plethora of channels called "NVOD" which seems to be
mostly  if not all from Sky UK, so the plugin might even work with them,
allowing to find on which of the feeds what show is just about to start.
So my question to Sky UK subscribers, would you care to give it a try,
would this plugin be of any use for you? Well, I do not know of any
alternatives (in terms of VDR plugins) you might be using, please
mention them if that's the case. If you find the plugin useful also for
you, I'm considering yet again renaming it to something more generic,
like "NVOD Feeds" and the german translation can still sound "Sky
Select" as that's the current name of this feature at Sky DE...


[1] http://linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/SkySelectFeeds-plugin
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_on_demand

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