On 25.03.2013 17:36, Manuel Reimer wrote:
> The best way to resolve this would be to switch to separate patches as
> soon as possible. The extension patch is broken by design, as it causes
> the VDR to place header files with conditional compiling expressions. So
> the API changes based on the DEFINES even after installation!

Quite possible that it is broken by design, but if used carefully (i.E.
giving all of these DEFINES to all of the plugins built against that
specific patched VDR version, should give all of them the same API) it

> The extension patch already patches *many* files in the VDR source, so
> as it requires the DEFINES to be exported, it should also patch the
> Makefile to export them in the cflags variable in vdr.pc.

So it does on Gentoo, but the problem was with various plugin makefiles
actually, which claimed to be "new style" but for whatever reason the
persons who adapted them to the new style removed including $(PLGCFG) or
circumvented it by mistake. That is also due to some acrobatic
conditional constructs in some desperate tries to keep the same
makefiles also backwards compatible with a whole lot of older VDR
series, instead of just providing the old makefile under another name
just as it was.

So it takes two to tango, plugin Makefiles also have to use those
DEFINES, it's not enough that they are provided in some place everyone
has agreed upon. That was my point actually, while Klaus is doing a
great job, some of the plugin authors failed to do so, which is also
only human, I only would have given them less opportunity to fail...


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