Am 27.03.2013 18:40, schrieb Lucian Muresan:
> [2] for example, an empty LIBS variable, also used in the correct order
> (after OBJS) in the final link statement, just for the case that a
> plugin have use them, it could have spared some authors of putting it in
> wrong order and then wonder about unresolved symbols;


 That should be included in the next developer cycle in the plugins' Makefile. 
Have stumbled upon this two or three
times. I do know it now but the next one will hit it for sure. :)

> [3] completely missing usage of RESDIR which also can be read out of
> vdr.pc and any sample commented out target using it, that way many
> plugin authors continue just to ignore it even if their plugin actually
> comes with lots of non-program files we all call resources, which have
> to be installed under a certain pattern, only modifiable by the RESDIR
> variable.

 It would be nice, if the plugin's install target would install its resources 
to its well defined resource directory
(it's $RESDIR/plugins/$PLUGIN, isn't it?). That would make packaging even more 

> Could continue with CACHEDIR, but that applies to less
> plugins...

 I understand CACHEDIR as a location for runtime generated data which doesn't 
necessarily survive reboots of the vdr. I
don't think it should be the target of any installation files. Or am I wrong?

> You will say this is up to packagers, but actually since
> there are these modifiable variables, and also some files have to comply
> to a certain directory pattern, this can be well prepared by the plugin
> author, it's only about his plugin, and the packagers just have to
> divert those variables specific to their distribution and the plugin
> would still work without further modifications, and not fight with doing
> missing targets for so many plugins...


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