On 27.03.2013 23:07, Lars Hanisch wrote:
>> Could continue with CACHEDIR, but that applies to less
>> > plugins...
>  I understand CACHEDIR as a location for runtime generated data which doesn't 
> necessarily survive reboots of the vdr. I
> don't think it should be the target of any installation files. Or am I wrong?

You are not wrong at all, but I actually mean less installing files into
CACHEDIR but rather creating the subdirectory structure there, as it is
expected by that plugin (sometimes it involves the plugin name,
sometimes it's more generic, like for example several plugins sharing
so-called epg-images which are fetched by some script and can be used
for displaying by different plugins, so they would rather use a
directory name not necessarily bound to some plugin name...). But then,
again, I can agree it's arguable if that's not better a runtime option


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