Basically, a dmr plugin is nothing else but an extension to the iptv
plugin. I don't know if the iptv plugin is able to stream http streams. If
it does, the dmr plugin is more or less ready to use. However, the main
part of the plugin is the controller which implements browse or search. So,
if there's someone out there, I would really suggest to separate the
renderer from the controller as it is easier to manage them.

The server does the same: it implements the required UPnP stuff for
browsing and searching, but all the streaming part shall be handled by
another plugin like streamdev.

So, the question is: is there any plugin which is able to receive HTTP
streams for any arbitrary content like images or videos?


2013/4/4 Patrick Maier <>

> Hi there,
> I'm searching for a plugin to vdr that supports DLNA rendering (DMR
> Digital Media Renderer).
> For now, I only know the upnp plugin which acts as a server.
> I'd like to stream pictures, video and audio to vdr from my smartphone, or
> other dlna servers.
> If there is no such plugin, I could try to develop a plugin that allows
> this. (But I'm quite new to plugin-development)
> Greets and thanks
> Patrick
> PS: I also want to thank you Klaus for this great system :-)
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