Am 05.04.2013 05:21, schrieb Teemu Suikki:

Ok, I fixed it..

In file epgsearchext.c, function CheckRepeatTimers, there is a line:

if (EventsMatch(pEvent, pEventP, compareTitle, compareSubtitle, compareSummary, compareDate, catvaluesAvoidRepeat))

There is no match limit given! So I added it like this:

if (EventsMatch(pEvent, pEventP, compareTitle, compareSubtitle, compareSummary, compareDate, catvaluesAvoidRepeat, compareSummaryMatchInPercent))

Seems to work now. Still needs your earlier patch in epgsearchtools.c of course.

thanks for the feedback. After testing it in my environment I will push it to the git.


5.4.2013 5.48 "Teemu Suikki" < <>> kirjoitti:

    I tried this, no change..

    Then I added some debug. For some reason, matchLimit is 90 even if
    I have set it to 100! There must be some other bug that resets

    If I set matchLimit=100 inside the function, it works as expected
    if your patch is installed.

    5.4.2013 0.32 "Christian Wieninger" <
    <>> kirjoitti:


        probably the following code is the reason for this behaviour:


           // last try with Levenshtein Distance, only compare the
        first 1000 chars
           double fMatch = FuzzyMatch(eDescr, rDescr, 1000);
           double tmp_matchlimit = matchLimit/100.0;
           if(maxLength - minLength < 5)
              tmp_matchlimit = 0.95;
              LogFile.Log(2,"difference between both descriptions is <
        5 setting matchlimit to: %.2f %%", tmp_matchlimit*100);

        Please change the line

           if(maxLength - minLength < 5)


           if(maxLength - minLength < 5 && matchLimit < 95)

        and let me know if it works for you.


        Am 04.04.2013 20:04, schrieb Teemu Suikki:


        I have vdr 1.7.27 and epgsearch 1.0.1.beta2, from yavdr..

        I'm recording "Game of Thrones" from Canal Digital Nordic.
        The third season is starting in a few days..

        The episodes have no episode name, and the description field
        simply says:
        "(1:10/s3) 3. kausi maailman suosituimmasta HBO-sarjasta."

        The text part is always the same, just the episode number
        varies. So just a single character difference. But epgsearch
        thinks these are repeats! Even if I set required match to
        100%, it still thinks they are repeats.. shouldn't 100% mean
        exact match?

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