On 09.04.2013 09:53, Teemu Suikki wrote:

I might be overlooking something really simple, but I can't figure
this out myself. :)

I'm trying to send "red" button to the LoadEPG plugin, to cancel the
scan. In theory, this is just:

svdrpsend hitk Menu 9 Red

(9 is the Loadepg mainmenu entry number)..

However, the above fails if there is a message on screen, in that case
it will start recording channel 9, which is not good. :)

This "works":

svdrpsend hitk Back Back Back Back Back Menu 9 Red

But if you are in playback mode, it will cancel the playback. Probably
also some other situations where this fails.

So, is there a 100% sure way to enter main menu?

I'm afraid not, because HITK just does exactly what hitting the
respective key on the remote control would do.

But you could try

  PLUG loadepg main
  HITK red

which should open the plugin's main menu.


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