Hello all,

version 0.0.4 of yaepghd is available, see the links at the end of the
message. These are the changes since the last community edition version
published in the vdr-portal.de forum:

2013-04-14: Version 0.0.4

- at least for now, this version is no longer hosted at
vdr-developer.org  as the old project (after ver. 0.0.1) still seems to
be abandoned, check the README file for the links
- switched to ScaleVideo API introduced with vdr-1.7.33 and dropped old
- switched MAkefile to new style introduced with vdr-1.7.34
- integrated extra plugin themes found in the community edition thread
at vdr-portal.de
- updated anthra_1280 theme with the one from "pc_medusa" at vdr-portal.de
- added romanian translation
- added nOpacity_1920_darkblue theme contributed by "Saman" at vdr-portal.de
- added setup option to simulate returning back to the menu position
where yaepghd was entered from, adapted from a patch contributed by
"Saman" at vdr-portal.de

For now, the code is hosted here:

Release tarball:

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