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Al 21/04/13 20:36, En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
Al 21/04/13 15:52, En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:

One more observation

   virtual void StepEast(void) {}
           ///< Move the dish one step to the east.
   virtual void StepWest(void) {}
           ///< Move the dish one step to the west.

I'd suggest a parameter with the number of steps to move (and for "step"
I mean a "pulse", not the next/previous stored satellite position).

And, I hope, the last one:

virtual void Recalc(int Number)
   ///<Store the current position in a satellite position with the given
   ///<and recalculate all other positions relative to this one

What would this actually be good for?

Oh, and there's a DisableLimits but there's no corresponding  EnableLimits

Unfortunately the DiSEqC specs leave a lot of liberty in this area,
so you can never really be sure when the limits will be (re)enabled.
I'll add this, though:

  virtual void EnableLimits(void) {}
          ///< Enables the soft limits for the dish movement.


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