Better to support multi-positioners. Makes options much more flexible.

On 4/21/2013 5:54 AM, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
I'm currently implementing support for steerable dishes, loosely based
on In doing so, I'm defining a virtual
base class cPositioner, which defines all the functions necessary to
control the positioner. An implementation of cDiseqcPositioner will
allow control of "DiSEqC 1.2" and "USALS" motors. A plugin can derive
from cPositioner and implement its very own way of controlling a
positioner (like through a serial or USB port or whatever).

The question I have now is: will it be enough to have *one* single
in any given setup, or are there actually users who have more than one
Supporting only a single positioner (as is done in the aforementioned
of course simplifies things quite a bit. So I wouldn't want to add this
level of complexity unless there is a real need for it.

Any opinions?


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