Cant help with Italia, but ITV2-4 have full schedules here using that patch (vdr.eepg-patch-1.7.35)

On 23/04/2013 19:48, Teemu Suikki wrote:


Is anyone using this patch with Sky Italia? It doesn't work for me.

Also with Sky UK, I have full epg for many channels, but missing for some. For example ITV1 has 7 days epg, but ITV2-4 have none.

This patch looked so promising at first, but now I'm thinking of changing back to LoadEPG plugin..

14.4.2013 11.35 "André Weidemann" < <>> kirjoitti:

    On 14.04.2013 00:38, Lucian Muresan wrote:

        The current git version of eepg tends to crash on me at least
        one if not
        twice a day with vdr-2.0.0, after it used to work well for several
        weeks. I do not know what changed the behaviour, since I
        cannot find any
        useful crash dump...

    Same problem here. I dumped the plugin in favor to the patch,
    which worked flawlessly ever since.

        BTW, where is the most current freeview patch?

    Ever since vdr-1.7.35 I've used this patch (see attachment). It
    should apply cleanly to the most recent vdr version.

    I think I originally downloaded it from here:


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