on some channels I get Video Data Stream Broken messages, not sure quite what triggers them yet.
They continue till the recording has finished.

I have switched off the emergency exit when VDSB occurs,  two reasons why:

1. It never cures the problem
2. Occasionally I get a single VDSB written when tuning to certain channels, the emergency exit would happen, but after the restart I would get a single VDSB again when the channel was tuned,
   ending up in a loop, as the VDR restart is not curing the problem.

So, I wanted to know if anyone has any code or rules for rsyslog to identify multiple VDSB messages so I could trigger other actions. For example a reboot of the PC or maybe a driver load/unload. I know I could extend the VDR start script to unload/load the DVB drivers after a VDR exit too.

Anyone have other suggestions maybe?

Cheers Brian
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