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> Hi all!
> Any progress with this feature? Is there any checklist available for
> this? I would have some whishes that i think are pretty practical.
> Maybe someone has more ideas that i have forgot..
>  * Option to choose between RAM / HDD

I don't think that's actually necessary. Make the file-based lifebuffer
feature rock-solid; if users want to have the buffer in RAM, make them mount a
tmpfs for that purpose. Should lead to simpler code and, in turn, less bugs :)

>  * Option to pick the amount of memory / HDD to use
>  * Option to warn if you switch channel and you are watching the
> buffer (eg. "You are watching from the buffer. Changing channel will
> delete the current buffer")
>  * Being able to rewind just by hitting the back/rewind button
> without pressing Ok or something else first.
>  * When watching the livebuffer, and you notice that you want to
> save the curent progarm, you should be able to save the tv-program
> from either the beginning of the buffer, or then if the buffer is
> longer, from the beginning of where the program started. This way
> you will be able to save the whole progra (movie etc.)
>  * Option to keep X amounts of HDD-buffers after changing channels.
> Then in the recording meny would be an entry where you could watch
> these buffers, and possibly save them as a recording afterwards.

All these would be very nice to have indeed.

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