On 20.08.2013 10:20, Manuel Reimer wrote:
On 08/20/2013 10:12 AM, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
So my question to Klaus: Is there something like this planned or would
a patch be accepted which adds a feature like this? As far as I know a
new dependency (libudev) would be needed.

I wouldn't like to add a dependency to libudev.

So how could an alternative approach look like? Maybe it could work with 
"inotify" to see when new devices are added below /dev, but I think this will 
also require new dependencies.

The easiest way may be: Call the existing code for finding the tuners not only 
once but every X seconds.

   while [[ `find /dev/dvb -name 'adapter*' | wc -l` -lt $NUMADAPTERS
]]; do sleep 1; done
   runvdr ...

could be used to count the number of adapters, and check that number in
a loop
against the expected number of adapters.

This works for *one* system and only if the user manually sets the number of adapters. 
How could this be done in a "automagic" way to allow users to just plug the 
tuner and reboot?

As I wrote before, VDR needs all devices to be ready when it starts, otherwise
any configuration parameters that refer to "device numbers" might not work.
So I guess you'll have to figure out some way of waiting for all devices to be
ready before starting VDR.


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