Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> kirjoitti 25.8.2013 kello 13.35:

> - Added basic support for positioners to control steerable satellite dishes 
> (based on
>  a patch from Seppo Ingalsuo and Ales Jurik).
>  + Supports GotoN (aka "DiSEqC 1.2") and GotoX (aka "USALS").
>  + The new DiSEqC command code 'P' can be used to instruct a positioner to 
> move the
>    dish to the required satellite position. When a 'P' code is processed, 
> further
>    execution of the remaining DiSEqC sequence (if any) is postponed until the 
> positioner
>    has reached the new satellite position.
>  + The new special source value of "S360E" can be used in diseqc.conf to 
> indicate that
>    an entry using a positioner can move the dish to any requested position 
> within its
>    range. Think of it as "full circle".
>  + The devices a particular cDiseqc or cScr applies to are now stored 
> directly in each
>    cDiseqc or cScr, respectively.
>  + A plugin can implement a custom positioner control (see PLUGINS.html, 
> section "Positioners").
>  + The new function cSkinDisplayChannel::SetPositioner() can be implemented 
> by skins to
>    show the user a progress display when the dish is being moved. The default 
> implementation
>    calls SetMessage() with a string indicating the new position the dish is 
> being moved to.
>    The LCARS skin shows a progress bar indicating the movement of the dish.
>  + The new parameters "Site latitude", "Site longitude", "Positioner speed", 
> and
>    "Positioner swing" in the "Setup/LNB" menu can be used to configure the 
> necessary
>    values for a steerable dish.
>  + The cDvbTuner now has a new status tsPositioning, in which it waits until 
> a steerable
>    dish has reached its target position. Parsing SI data is paused until the 
> target
>    position has been reached.

Thanks Klaus! Installed 2.1.1 today and the basics at least seem to work OK 
here, no unreliability (no move => messed up channels.conf) seen in operation. 
No more vdr patching need for me!

The credits should include also Rotor plugin author (don't know his name) since 
the patch borrowed some code from there.


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