On 05.09.2013 13:07, Thomas Maass wrote:
Some class declarations, for example the class cMenuRecording are
declared in the
sourcefile. So plugin developers cannot use them easily. Why don't you
move this
declarations to the headerfiles?
There are also most class members declared as private. So plugin
developers have
to implement most things themself. Why aren't they protected?
Maybe you have a good reason for that. As a plugin newbie I have to copy
all the vdr
classes I wanna use, instead of easily deriving it. An example of this
would be
cMenuRecordingItem or cRecording. But there are many other classes,
which could be
used in plugins.

These classes were never meant to be "derived from".
If I make, e.g., cMenuRecordingItem a virtual base class, there would also
have to be a way of having a derived cMenuRecordings create instances of
the derived cMenuRecordingItem instead of its own. I'm afraid this would make
things unnecessarily complex.
These are VDR's own menu implementations, and if somebody doesn't like them,
there's always things like "extrecmenu" etc. In the core VDR I'd like to keep
things simple and basic.

In one of the upcoming develoepr versions I plan to implement a way to freely
configure the menu of VDR, and even use plugin provided replacements of the
standard menus. Maybe this will help...


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