On 13.10.2013 11:00, guido.cord...@tiscali.it wrote:
Il 13/10/2013 10:51, guido.cord...@tiscali.it ha scritto:
Thanks Klaus Schmidinger

For having responded to my e-mail

This' modified code that you send as an attachment ...

Files created with " diff -urN <orig> <mod>> new.diff "

Can you please elaborate on these changes?
Why did you pull stuff like FE_HAS_..., BER and UNC (as used in 
GetSignalQuality()) into
I can't accept the changes to Min- and MaxSignal in case of the "TT-budget 
I have such cards and they work fine with the original values.

I'm really not sure what to make of your patch. It appears to me
like randomly winging in things that just may or may not work.
Unless you can give me some reasonable and clear arguments as to
why things should be changed that way, I'm afraid I can't accept this.


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