yes, i agree that there is no chance for VDR to know if an upcoming shutdown 
will succeed or not.

But still it does not make sense on my system as the message now pops up every 
5 minutes.  It is really very annoying if i sometimes use VDR to just watch 
TV.  I would much better like it if VDR shuts down with no message than seeing 
this message every 5 minutes.
To my understanding, making this a configuration option would make everybody 
happy and would maybe even be easier than writing a plugin.

Best regards

Am Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013, 23:36:48 schrieb Udo Richter:
> Am 13.10.2013 18:20, schrieb Torsten Mohr:
> > i have installed an /etc/vdr/shutdown.sh which will NOT shutdown as long
> > as
> > somebody is still logged in.
> > 
> > So i know pretty sure that VDR is NOT going to shutdown.
> > 
> > The message shown "VDR wird in 3:00 Minuten ausschalten" does not make
> > sense on my system.
> If I understand you correctly, then the system will shut down once there
> is no logged in user. In this situation, the message does make sense,
> and it would be awkward if VDR shuts down after the last user logs off
> without any further warning.
> VDR doesn't know much about what might have stopped shutdown externally,
> so the only way is to frequently retry. And since VDR never knows if
> shutdown will succeed, until the final termiante call, there needs to be
> a warning beforehand.
> After all, since there was no interactive usage for a long time, its
> very unlikely that there's someone actually seeing the shutdown messages
> pop up every few minutes.
> There's a more complex plugin interface to shutdown, where even the
> shutdown message can be suppressed while busy, but there's no easy way
> to extend this to external scripts. One could however write a plugin
> that provides more complex interaction with external scripts, like ask
> for shutdown, and accepting something like "wait for 5 more minutes" in
> return, without displaying messages.
> Cheers,
> Udo
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