Am 15.10.2013 08:20, schrieb Petri Hintukainen:
> On ma, 2013-10-14 at 19:53 +0200, Vidar Tyldum wrote:
>> On 13. okt. 2013 23:30, Torsten Mohr wrote:
>>> These cards worked fine in my previous VDR, i never experienced problems 
>>> there.
>>> But on the other hand, what cards would you recommend?  A double tuner would
>>> be preferred (DVB-C).
>> I am very satisfied with my SAA7146-based cards, although they only have 
>> a single tuner.
> +1
> I've been using SAA7146-based Technotrend cards for ~10 years 24/7
> without any problems. That's almost 90 000 hours without driver or HW
> failures (well, all other parts of the system have been replaced during
> the years). The hardware and drivers seem to be very robust, but
> compared to modern adapters those produce lot of heat and take quite
> much room (and PCI slots).
> I've tried also several DVB-C/T USB adapters, but those all performed
> rather poorly ... signal problems, lost recordings, requiring reboots
> etc.

 Here are doing two Satelco EasyWatch (KNC One clones) their job for years, but 
since my new vdr hasn't got any PCI
slots anymore I switched to the cards from Digital Devices/Linux4Media. A 
(dd)bridge and two Flex modules (=> 4 Tuner)
are working for some months now. You just have to compile the driver from the 
media-build-experimental repository of
Oliver Endriss - if you use Ubuntu/yaVDR there is a DKMS package which makes 
installation easy.
 They are a bit more expensive than other cards but have advantages: the dual 
tuner module just needs one cable and it's
no problem to connect a second module with a short cable from the antenna 
output of the first module. And since they are
small cards it's just a matter of the slot bracket if you want it full or low 


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