Am 17.10.2013 19:09, schrieb Torsten Mohr:
> Hi,
>>  I think an inactivity timeout of 10 minutes is a special setup.
>>  Why so low? Why not 180 minutes?
> ok, that could be debugging left-over from the last setup.  I'll try the 
> value 
> 180, maybe this improves it.
> If nothing happens and nobody is logged in i shut down the VDR after 30 
> minutes.  So a value of 180 would prevent a shutdown after 30 minutes of 
> inactivity?

 The vdr tracks remote keypresses. If the last keypress is longer ago than the 
inactivity timeout (180 = 3 hours), the
user is set to inactive. Then vdr asks all plugins if they are active and if 
not it triggers the shutdown.
 With a "hitk power" you can always set the user to inactive state before the 
timeout is reached.


> Best regards
> Torsten

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