On 19.10.2013 19:38 , Eike wrote:

Do you have any idea when you will start to implement the "livebuffer"
feature into VDR?

I worked on rewriting Permashift to use a real live buffer the last weeks
and when it's finished and tested I'd be happy if Klaus would consider
adopting it.

Hi Eike,

This sounds like great news :-) What kind of features does premashif have? Will you be able to choose where the timeshift will be written (eg ram)? What about if you are watching a program, and realize that you want to record it, will it copy the beginning of the program to the recording if it's in the timeshift? And if i'm watching from the timeshift, and i change accidentally the channel, will there be an option that would warn me that i'm watching timeshift? :-)



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