Last night I tried to watch my recording of the final I.T. Crowd, but it
was unwatchable because of the interlacing. However, other programmes
look OK. Whatever I put for video.output.vdpau_hd_deinterlace_method and
video.output.vdpau_sd_deinterlace_method in ~/.xine/config_xineliboutput
it gets replaced with "bob". The OSD doesn't have any options for VDPAU
and none of the options it does have seem to make any difference.

I recorded it from the 4Seven channel because I forgot about the first
showing on C4HD, and it seems only this channel is affected. Maybe
they haven't set deinterlacing flags correctly? It does seem to be an
issue of interlacing being disabled when it should be enabled, because
my recording played correctly in mplayer with deinterlacing enabled.

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