On 19.10.2013 19:38, Thomas Maass wrote:
I like the new editing functions coming with version 2.1.2.
Thank you for that Klaus!
It would be nice, if VDR could recognize existing subfolders
and add them to folders.conf automatically.
Sometimes I edited my videodir manually, created some
subfolders to sort some recordings. VDR does not know
about these folders.

I tried mixing existing recording directories into the entries
in folders.conf. However, this pretty soon gets rather complex.
Should recording directories only appear in the menu or should
they actually be written into folders.conf? What if they are only
in the menu, and you create a new subfolder in one of them?
I'd really like to keep things simple here...

With the new possibility of renaming entire folders and moving
around recordings from within VDR's menu there shouldn't be the
need for messing around with the actual disk files/directories
any more.


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