>> To me, dumping files all over the drives is messy, sloppy, and bad
>> practice. Always has been and always will be. Someone just wants to copy
>> MS stupidity into linux.
> I think some features from the FHS predate Windows and even Microsoft.
> Having every file belonging to an application in the same place is
> insecure and makes it more difficult to support things like multiple
> users or one user with multiple PCs, especially if some of them are thin
> clients.

In my case every one of my vdr boxes are dedicated single-user htpcs.
For me, having all of vdrs files in one location makes backups very
easy to create & restore. Additionally, navigating to whatever file I
need is simple -- no hunting or trying to remember what is where. My
only big wish as far as setup goes is vdr getting real & solid
server/client support, and the good news there is that unless things
have changed, it's actually on Klaus's TODO list. But anyways, thanks
to ONEDIR and LCLBLD, I can completely ignore FHS with no hassle at

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