Hi All,
I have a fully functional VDR server running under arch linux. I'm trying to 
migrade to debian.
I have installed VDR and vdr-plugin-xineliboutput in Debian , and I can watch 
nederland 1. So far so good.
The problem is that vdr-sxfe does not respond to keypresses. When I press "m" I 
don't get the menu, when I press "2" I don't switch to nederland 2 and so on.
I have looked true the configuration files on my arch linux box, but I could 
not find the option to let vdr-sxfe listen to the keyboard. On the arch linux 
box I run a newer version of vdr (1.7.31), then on debian (1.7.28).
What configuration file holds the keyboard bindings for vdr-sxfe?
Best regards,
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