Am 02.12.2013, 17:59 Uhr, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger <>:

I guess this was caused by the changes to videodir.[ch].
For a quick fix you could try moving the line


into the

           case 'v': VideoDirectory = optarg;
while (optarg && *optarg && optarg[strlen(optarg) - 1] == '/')
                           optarg[strlen(optarg) - 1] = 0;
cVideoDirectory::SetName(VideoDirectory); // <----- here!

in vdr.c

Oh, and use the option '-v'...
This is just a quick hack - I'll need to give this more thought.


Thanks Klaus, this fixes things temporarily, but I agree it's annoying to set --video as well. Especially since you also have to remember setting --video first, THEN call --genindex. If you have it the wrong way around, it will segfault again ...

But it's okay to work with.


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