Hey Cedric,


looks like you are using a Debian based installation, probably with Debian 
packages based on Tobias Grimm's great work over years, and for sure his 


Obviously you're dutch and maybe capable to understand some gernan words. So,  
you may have a look into an article Tobias wrote quite a while ago on his 




This way does work also perfectly with Ubuntu … ;-)



Kind regards



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Hi All,

I'm trying to make my TV server faster by calling pm-suspend instead of 
shutdown. I have made a script that stops vdr, unloads the DVB-t driver, 
suspend, resume, load the DVB-t driver, and restart VDR. This works nicely., 
see here for details:
<http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=109612> &t=109612

Now I'm trying to automate it.

VDR is capable of shutting down the PC. This can be setup in /etc/default/vdr

Is there any way to let VDR call pm-suspend instead of /sbin/shutdown? Where is 
the setting for it?

Best regards,

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