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With the patch, VDR successfully cut the recording. The source files were in PES format, and also the new recording is in PES format. Based on a discussion from 2008, this is the expected behaviour. Is there some tool for converting old PES recordings to TS format?

Sorry for the stupid question; I learned later that the conversion from TS to PES is losing information, which may be hard to "make up" afterwards.

My use case is to play old VDR recordings in a Samsung SmartTV. For that, I created a VFAT file system on a usb-storage device. (If the file system is ext2, it will only work for the Samsung time shifting feature.) New VDR recordings in MPEG TS format play just fine as is. The old recordings had to be converted from PES to PS with the following script:

exec mencoder -vc mpeg12 -oac copy -ovc copy -of mpeg \
-mpegopts format=mpeg2 -aid 0 -o "$@"

I converted a couple directories of TV series where each episode was stored in its own directory, named by the episode name. To do that, I did the following:

cd /path/to/video/Series_name
for i in */
  j="$(echo "${i%/}"|tr '~[]:;' '-()').,"
  pes2ps "/path/to/output/Series_name/$j.mpg" "$i"/*/0*.vdr

This will unfortunately lose all metadata except the episode name. I did not test recordings with subtitles yet.

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