>On 22. des. 2013 10:22, cedric.dew...@telfort.nl wrote:
>> Hi All, I am trying to install VDR on my NAS, a D-link DNS-323.
>> This goes great, I can play & record unencrypted channels. without
>> any problem. Next I try to compile the connax softcam plugin, as
>> per this guide: 
>> https://wiki.debian.org/VDR#Install_vdr-plugin-sc_and_libvdr-sc-cardclient_from_source
>am not sure if softcam is a legal topic on this list, but I would
>advise you to take a look at the dvbapi plugin instead of sc. I am not
>sure if it will fix your problem, though - but it is a way more stable
>and better solution in my opinion.
>I had to go softcam to support Conax as well as there were no hardware
>CAMs available at the time.
>- -- 
>Vidar Tyldum

Hi Vidar,

I have compiled the dvbapi plugin, and installed it. VDR runs the plugin, so 
far so good.
Dvbapi tries to connect to oscam via /tmp/something.
Can dvbapi be configured to access oscam via network?


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