On 06.01.2014 11:28, Antti Hartikainen wrote:

I thought it would be time to finally update outdated sources.conf. Patch is 
against sources.conf delivered with VDR 2.1.3.

Some things came up, and I would like to hear some opinions about them.

There was/is entries like:

S28.2E for Astra 2 satellites and
S28.5E for Eutelsat satellite at almost same orbital position

Both satellites are supposed to be watched with one dish and LNB, but still 
they have their own entries in sources.conf.

Similar example is "S1W Thor 5/6 & Intelsat 10-02". Thor satellites are 
positioned 0.2 degrees apart from Intelsat.

So should these satellites nearby eachother to be combined as one, or should 
every one to be separated as its own position?

If these are officially two separate positions, they should be contained as such
in sources.conf.
I have encountered the same problem while implementing the DiSEqC configuration
dialog. My approach will be to make cDiseqcs::Get() search for a suitable
DiSEqC entry with a certain tolerance. A value of +/-0.3 degrees would cover
the cases you mentioned. Or should it be even +/-0.5?

In this patch I have combined 28.2E and 28.5E positions as one 28.2E position, 
as atleast I have set them both up as one single position.

Sorry, I don't think this is a good idea.
Please make them separate again if you want your patch to be adopted.

I also wanted to change S1W to S0.8W, as it's more true, but I can imagine it 
would cause a lot of trouble for people who are using the default
sources.conf file as their sources.conf, so for now I left it as is. It doesn't 
really matter, but improves signal strength for people using

The satellite position that is broadcast in the 
OrbitalPosition/EastWestFlag on that satellite actually says 1.0W, so I'd say 
what should be in sources.conf. Besides, if you change this, you would also 
have to change it
in your diseqc.conf and in all entries in channels.conf that reference that 


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