I need some help from VDR users - for variety reasons especially from those not 
in Germany.
There's a glitch in the frame detection of VDR. It sometimes misses the first 
possibility to record a stream. 
It looks on frames of at least 5 * 188 bytes, and depending on the stream, 
sometimes 6 frames are needed. 
Trouble is, I'm not sure if 6 is enough for everybody. Thus I need your tests.

You need ot be able to compile a VDR to help. First, in the VDR directory, you 
do a:
> make

Then you compile the attached C++ file (unziped, of course):
> g++ -c framedetectortest.cpp

Then you're linking it:
g++ -o framedetectortest framedetectortest.o remux.o ringbuffer.o thread.o 
tools.o i18n.o sections.o channels.o device.o audio.o ci.o receiver.o 
transfer.o player.o osdbase.o 
status.o skins.o osd.o config.o font.o sources.o menu.o recording.o videodir.o 
timers.o epg.o dvbplayer.o menuitems.o remote.o keys.o interface.o plugin.o 
cutter.o themes.o 
svdrp.o eit.o eitscan.o shutdown.o filter.o sourceparams.o dvbsubtitle.o pat.o 
sdt.o nit.o dvbdevice.o diseqc.o recorder.o dvbci.o libsi/libsi.a -lfontconfig 
-lfreetype -lpthread -ldl -

Now you've got an application called framedetectortest, which you can feed your 
vdr recordings (*.ts files) to:
> ./framedetectortest 00002.ts

The output looks about like this:

Checking file at offset 0
Without frame limit... Found I frame after 99452 bytes
With frame limit 5... Found I frame after 220336 bytes
With frame limit 6... Found I frame after 99452 bytes
TS package frame size needed for this video block: 6
Maximum TS package frame size needed for this video recording: 6

I need reports which number your stream resulted in (the "Maximum TS package 
frame size") and what you've tested 
(Cable? Satellite? Terrestrical? HD, SD? Your country?). The result is 
interesting even if it is 5 or 6.

Thanks in advance,

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