Hello again!

Thanks for your submissions, coming from Germany, Austria, Netherlands,
Czech, Finland, Esotnia, Australia and New Zealand!

Most people reported that a window/frame size of 6 packages has been fine 
for all their streams. Some larger numbers could be traced back to broken
parts of a stream, but at least one recording doesn't seem to have a fault
and still yields a frame size of 13. It's coming from WDR Köln HD, perhaps
someone wants to check this sender as well.

Klaus offered to use 10 as the new value so we've got some safety margin
to the vast majority of values reported.

Some people asked why VDR is so sparing about the number of packages 
it demands. A recording will not start before this number of packages has
been delivered and at the end, the buffer will not deliver a smaller number
and thus "swallow" the rest, so the number should not be too large.

Thanks for your participation,

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