On Wed, 05 Feb 2014 12:10:58 +0100
Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> wrote:

> For testing, can you please remove the channels with 658000000?
> Or, better yet, start VDR with a channels.conf that contains only one single 
> line:
> MTV3;MTV Oy=Digita 
> Finland:482:B8C23D23G8M64N3S0T8Y0:T:0:305=2:561=fin@4,562=dut@4:5010;1073=fin,1074=dut:0:49:8438:8193:0
> and see what happens.

It seems any combination alone or together with anything other than 658 works
and new channels at those frequencies are discovered, but once I add anything 
with 658 in it it immediately causes 482 to change to 658.

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